Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the discipline of law to the treatment of the orders, the provision of services for which registration is expected and to the other purposes described in this report, the treatment will be characterized by the principles of correctness, legality and transparency and protection of your privacy.

Treatment modalities envision using manual, computer and telematics (including fax , phone , even without operator assistance, email, SMS and other computer systems and / or automated communication) and, in any case, are such that ensure the security and privacy of data.

The data controller is Rock your Meal and it may be contacted at the following email address

The holder of personal data or his legal representative will be able to exercise at any time and in the terms recognized by law, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data, by sending an email to

The failure to provide personal data marked as mandatory will render impossible the execution of any order , while the lack of provision of those not identified as mandatory, no consequence for the purpose of execution of the order.

Prior consent for its part, Rock your Meal, may process personal information to provide the services for which registration is scheduled, and for commercial purposes such as the indication of offers, promotions or commercial initiatives of any kind undertaken by the same or by other operators. In such cases, the user will be informed of the companies to which they give their data or, at least, the sector they belong so as to dimension the advertising that users may receive from third parties.

Compliant manifest for the treatment of personal data

Once read the report on the treatment of personal data, I authorize Rock your Meal to treat my personal data for:

  1. The conclusion, implementation and all activities related to the orders passed by me;
  2. The provision of services for which registration is expected (for example, after sales support, product updates, and so on.).
  3. Commercial purposes, as an indication of offers, promotions or commercial initiatives of any kind, undertaken by the same or by other operators.



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