Don’t know what to cook?

..and we will search thousand of delicious recipes you can cook with those!

How it Works

  • You list the ingredients you have available or that you would like to cook with.

  • We propose new and original recipes for you to rock in the kitchen.

  • You become a rockstar cook by combining your usual ingredients in different ways.

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  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-La_Repubblica_vGrey

    “in Spagna, lo startupper Marco Tsitselis lancia Rock your Meal

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-Barcinno_vGrey

    “the team at Rock Your Meal developed a solution to help shop smarter and to create more exciting dishes”

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    semantic search engine that suggests you new recipes, doable with the ingredients you have at home

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-La_Xarxa_vGrey

    un libre de receptas de cuina pero a la invers, una idea que me sembra brillants

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-Il_Mattino_vGrey

    in Spagna, lo startupper Marco Tsitselis lancia Rock your Meal

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-Entrepreneurial_insights_vGrey

    “notable start-up that has come out of Barcelona”

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-Napoli_click_vGrey

    Rock Your Meal consente di dare una botta di creatività alla più apatica delle giornate culinarie

  • Rock_your_Meal-Image-Press_article-Non_sprecare_vGrey

    nn portale che ti insegna a ricombinare le pietanze abbandonate in frigo e farne squisiti manicaretti

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